Riec student oboe

In order to replace conservatory instruments that are too old or worn out, but also to enable young people to acquire their personal instrument, the Maison Rigoutat has created its own family of study oboes: the RIEC and the DELPHINE.

The RIEC - first two letters of RIGOUTAT and ECOLE - is a full Paris Conservatory system study instrument with third octave and left F.
Provided with all of the trill keys, its mechanism nickel silver with heavy silver plating is fitted perfectly to a body made entirely of African Grenadilla wood. In order to avoid the risk of corrosion, all metal screws are made of stainless steel. Characterized by a full and highly flexible tone quality, this student oboe exists in the semi-automatic or automatic version as well as with variants for the Japanese model and the North American model.

Principal features :
  • Plateau system
  • Grenadilla wood body
  • Keywork in nickel silver with heavy silver plating
  • Range to low Bb with Bb resonance key
  • Left F key
  • B to C# trill
  • Left Eb key
  • F resonance key
  • F# to G# connecting mechanism
  • First octave key
  • D and C# trill keys
  • Second octave key closes the first octave (semi-automatic system)
  • Third octave key
  • Gillet key
  • Right and left G# key
  • All trill keys
  • Also available in automatic system model